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DateStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionLocation
September 8, 201316:0019:00IWAIS 2013 RegistrationSheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Main Lobby

19:0022:30IWAIS 2013 Icebreaker PartySheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

September 9, 20137:308:30Breakfast (60 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

8:308:40Welcome Address/Opening BusinessSheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

Oral Presentations
Session Chairperson: Xingliang Jiang
Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

8:409:00Xingliang Jiang - "Strategies and Status of Anti-icing and Disaster Reduction for Power Grid after the 2008 Ice Storm in China"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

9:009:20Miroslav Radojcic - "Comparative testing of different anti-ice coatings for overhead line conductors with special focus on ice accretion, RIV and visual impact"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

9:209:40Reza Jafari - "Design of superhydrophobic/icephobic composite coatings"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

9:4010:00Ladan Foroughi Mobarakeh - "Effect of plasma deposition time on ice repellency of plasma polymerized HMDSO film"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

10:0010:20Haruka Endo - "Behavior of a small water droplet on a superhydrophobic coating in a cold environment"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

10:2010:40Mitsugu Hasegawa - "Numerical study of the freezing process of minute water droplet on superhydrophobic surface"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

10:4011:10Tea & Coffee Break (30 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

11:1011:30Faranak Arianpour - "Effect of immersion time on the hydrophobic and icephobic properties of self-assembled silane coatings on Al Substrates"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

11:3011:50Shahram Farhadi - "Corrosion resistance, ice-releasing performance and stability of nanostructured superhydrophobic surfaces on Al substrates"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

11:5012:10Gelareh Momen - "Delayed freezing time on various nanocomposite superhydrophobic surfaces"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

12:1012:30Siavash Asadollahi - "Development of silicon-based superhydrophobic/icephobic surfaces by an atmospheric pressure plasma jet"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

12:3014:00Lunch Break (90 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

Oral Presentations
Session Chairperson: Göran Ronsten
Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

14:0014:20Michael Abbott - "Design and Implementation of a Wind and Icing Monitoring System for 80m Wind Turbines in Northern Labrador"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

14:2014:40Antoine Lacroix - "Assessment of Wind Energy Production Penalties Due to Cold Climate in Canada"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

14:4015:00Niels-Erik Clausen - "Recommended practices for wind energy in cold climates – resource assessment and site classification"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

15:0015:20Qin Hu - "Research Review of Wind Turbine Blade’s Icing and Anti-icing/De-icing"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

15:2015:40Tea & Coffee Break (20 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

15:4016:00Adriána Hudecz - "Ice accretion on wind turbine blades"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

16:0016:20Matthew Wadham-Gagnon - "Field Measurement of Wind Turbine Blade Icing"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

16:2016:40Ville Lehtomäki - "Ice Induced Vibration on Wind Turbines"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

16:4017:00Neil Davis - "Forecasting Production Losses by Applying the Makkonen Icing Model to Wind Turbine Blades"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

19:0022:00BanquetSheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Salon A

September 10, 20137:308:30Breakfast (60 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

Oral Presentations (Part 1)
Session Chairperson: Svein Fikke
Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

9:009:20Árni Jón Elíasson - "Wet-snow Accumulation – A Study of two severe Events in complex Terrain in Iceland"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

9:209:40Hálfdán Ágústsson - "Modeling wet-snow accretion
Comparison of cylindrical model to field measurements"
Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

9:4010:00Bjørn Egil Kringlebotn Nygaard - "A study on the sticking efficiency of wet snow using 50 years of observations"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

10:0010:20Matthew Wadham-Gagnon - "Met mast configuration guidelines in Cold Climate"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

10:2010:40Lasse Makkonen - "Icing of a 328m tall tower - a case study"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

10:4011:10Tea & Coffee Break (30 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

Oral Presentations (Part 2)
Session Chairperson: Lasse Makkonen
Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

11:1011:30Brian Wareing - "A New Severe Weather test site for OHL conductors and fittings"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

11:3011:50Kathleen F. Jones - "Winter measurements of sea spray at Mt. Desert Rock"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

11:5012:10Toshihiro Ozeki - "Laboratory experiments of saline water spray icing – Features of hydrophilic and hydrophobic pliable sheets"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

12:1012:30Xinbo Huang - "Ice Growth Prediction Model of Transmission Lines Based on Mamdani-type Fuzzy Neural Network"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

12:3014:00Lunch Break (90 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

Oral Presentations
Session Chairperson: Masoud Farzaneh
Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

14:0014:20Fanghui Yin - "Influence of Electric Field on Conductor Icing"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

14:2014:40Zhijin Zhang - "Study on the Influence of Mixed-phase ice on Corona Inception Voltage of Smooth Conductor"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

14:4015:00Borut Zemljaric - "Post line insulator and classical insulator dynamics at snow shedding"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

15:2015:40Hiroya Homma - "Evaluation on Flashover Voltage Property of Snow Accreted Insulators for 154kV Transmission Lines"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

15:4016:00Sonja Berlijn - "Summarizing results and knowledge from laboratory ice and snow test on glass and composite insulators for overhead lines"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

16:0018:00Tea & Coffee Break & Formal Poster Session (2 hours)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

16:3018:00International Advisory Committee (IAC) Meeting Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Garrison/Signal

18:3021:00Nalcor Energy Sponsored Dinner for IAC Members and Accompanying PersonsNOTE: Dinner location will be announced at or before the meeting

September 11, 20137:308:30BreakfastSheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

Oral Presentations
Session Chairperson: Jaroslav Šabata
Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

8:409:00William Henson - "Forecasting of Icing Events and Icing Accumulation on Transmission Lines at Hawke Hill, Newfoundland and Labrador"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

9:009:20Svein M. Fikke - "Application of numerical weather forecasting models on atmospheric icing in Long Range Mountains"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

9:209:40Sergey Chereshnyuk - "A new set of climatic loads maps for Russia"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

9:4010:00Svein M. Fikke - "The Development of New Maps for Design Ice Loads for Great Britain"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

10:0010:20Sergey Chereshnyuk - "Icing conditions forecast using weather forecast model COSMO-RU"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

10:2010:40Xunjian Xu - "Short-term Winter Icing Climate Prediction of power line Based on the Polar Vortex Area and the Subtropical High"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

10:4011:10Tea & Coffee Break (30 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

Oral Presentations
Session Chairperson: Paul Mitten
Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

11:1011:30Asim Haldar - "Guide for the Preparation of an Emergency Restoration Plan"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

11:3011:50Hongxian Zhang - "Research and engineering application of power grid large-scale ice-disaster prevention and cure technology"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

11:5012:10Holger H. Koss - "Influence of Icing on Bridge Cable Aerodynamics"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

12:1012:30Chun Zhao - "A Portable DC De-icer for Rural Power Network Transmission Line"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

12:3014:00Lunch Break (90 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

14:0014:20Muhammad Virk - "Atmospheric Icing on Structures: COLDTECH-RT3 Perspective"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

14:4015:00H. Banitalebi Dehkordi - "Wind tunnel glaze ice simulation on a vertical angle member for different aerodynamic angles"Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

15:0015:30PRESENTATIONS BY SPONSORS & EXHIBITORSSheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery

15:3016:00Tea & Coffee Break (30 minutes)Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Court Garden

16:0016:15CLOSING ADDRESSSheraton Hotel Newfoundland - Avalon/Battery
September 12, 2013
Depart at 8:30Return by 15:30Optional Site Visit to Hawke Hill
and Fermeuse Wind Power Project
(NOTE: This requires separate registration and cost.
Also, safety boots are required to visit Hawke Hill.)
NOTE: Please gather in the main lobby of the Sheraton Hotel by 8:15 to board vehicles

Compusult would like to sincerely thank all those who participated in IWAIS 2013 and helped make this workshop a success!

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Registration openJune 1, 2013
Deadline for discounted hotel ratesAugust 9, 2013
Deadline for submission of Presentation FilesAugust 31, 2013
Hotel reservation deadlineSeptember, 2013


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